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The CARE4CARE Consortium has 10 partners established in 7 different EU Member States, coordinated by the team from the University of Florence (Italy).  In detail, the Consortium gathers seven Research Units, one partner expert in dissemination and two stakeholder partners. Moreover, the partners can rely on the support of the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI).

All the Research Units have established competence in conducting legal research on labour and social issues, at both national and European Union level. Non-academic partners complement the Consortium by providing the necessary competences to address care workers with due regard for the European perspective. TOUR4EU brings the expertise to promote the project and its internationalisation. EFFE and EFSI offer a comprehensive view over the necessities of the care labour market actors. Furthermore, the Consortium willbenefit from ETUI engagement, that will help partners in effectively tailoring the different activities and in maximizing the communication and dissemination of the results the project.


The CARE4CARE consortium is composed of experienced institutions within the academic and research world. Discover how each of them contributes to improving caregivers’ social conditions.

Università Degli Studi Di Firenze

The Unit of Research of the University of Florence has an interdisciplinary expertise and an extensive experience in academic research, characteristics that make the Unit the perfect match for coordinating the CARE4CARE project.

Lunds Universitet

The Team of Lunds Universitet has strong competence in interdisciplinary research, as well as a consolidate experience of work in international settings. These qualities will enable the team to preciously contribute to the CARE4CARE project.

Universitat De Girona

The Unit of Research of the Universidad de Girona offers to the CARE4CARE project fundamental added value: its expertise in different law’s fields, its competence in statistical methodology and its experience in research projects at the EU level.

Universidad De Sevilla

University of Sevilla adds to the CARE4CARE project the socio-psychological expertise which is essential in developing the research related to care workers’ direct perceptions of their rights and working conditions.

Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)

The Center of Interdisciplinary Labour Law Studies (C*LLaS) of the Europa – Universität Viadrina enriches the CARE4CARE consortium with its interdisciplinary work on labour law and its organizational experience.

Uniwersytet Rzeszowski

The Unit of Research of Uniwersytet Rzeszowski can boast of nuanced and interdisciplinary competence in labour law, as well as expertise on didactic methodology. These qualities will be an added value to the CARE4CARE project.

Tuscan Organisation of Universities and Research (TOUR4EU)

TOUR4EU offers to the CARE4CARE project its expertise in communication and dissemination, together with a consolidated network oh EU institutions and strategic stakeholders. Both elements will be crucial for the full success of the project.

Université De Bordeaux

The Research Unit of the Univeristé de Bordeaux
has an interdisciplinary expertise and an extensive experience in academic research. Also, the Unit will benefit from the dialogue with international key institutions. These characteristics make the Unit a strategic participant in the CARE4CARE project.

European Federation for Family Employment (EFFE)

The Consortium is enriched by the participation of the European Federation for Family Employment and Home Care: a partner from civil society and a stakeholder that can contribute at the research and at the activities of the project with its expertise.

European Federation for Services to Individuals (EFSI)

The Consortium is enriched by the participation of the European Federation for Services to Individuals: a EU-wide level trade association and social partner that can contribute at the research and at the activities of the project with its expertise of the domestic & home care sector.

Steering Committee

The CARE4CARE Steering Committee is led by the Project Coordinator, Maria Luisa Vallauri, Ph.D. and made up by one representative for each partner. The Steering Committee is responsible for assessing and ensuring the accuracy of the activities and the scientific excellence of the outputs, checking their consistency with the ambitions of the partnership and the EC contract objectives, and for adjusting any of these outputs in case of major changes.

Maria Luisa Vallauri

University of Florence
Principal Investigator

Mia Rönnmar

Lund University
Partner Coordinator

Ferran Camas Roda

University of Girona
Partner Coordinator

Francisco José Medina Diaz

University of Sevilla
Partner Coordinator

Ziga Podgornik Jakil

European University Viadrina

Agata Ludera-Ruszel

University of Rzeszów
Partner Coordinator

Simona Costa

Partner Coordinator

Isabelle Daugareilh

University of Bordeaux
Partner Coordinator

Aude Boisseuil

EFFE (European Federation for Family Employment)
Partner Coordinator

Aurélie Decker

EFSI (European Federation for Services to Individuals)
Partner Coordinator / EFSI’s Director