Tuscan Organisation of Universities and Research for Europe

TOUR4EU, Belgium

TOUR4EU is a non-profit association enshrined in Belgian law which brings together the Tuscany Region and the seven Tuscan universities to promote the interests of the Tuscan research system at the EU, strengthen its internationalization and increase its European planning. Regione Toscana and the 7 universities have a long experience in EU projects with more than 443 – H2020 projects awarded till present.
Collectively, TOUR4EU’s members can boast of experience in research activities, in the multi-level European lobbying context and in the implementation of complex projects. All this pairs with the competences on communication, dissemination and event’s organization at the national and EU level.
The association has a consolidated network and communication channels with EU institution and other strategic stakeholders, and a great expertise in promoting synergies and internationalization. This is why, TOUR4EU will lead Work Package 8 by coordinating the communication of dissemination of the CARE4CARE project’s outputs. Nonetheless, the association will offer its contribution in all the stages of the project and Work Packages (WPs 2,3,4,5,6,7).

Team Members

Simona Costa

Partner Coordinator

Stefano Pellegrino

Communications Officer

Valeria Piantedosi

Junior Project Manager

Iulia Apreotesei

Junior Project Manager