Events & workshops

Events and workshops are organised to maximise the outreach of CARE4CARE results and to engage a wide audience. Throughout the life of the project, events and tailored workshops will be organized in each partner region with the goal of bringing together stakeholders and policymakers, as well as sharing knowledge and experience. These rounds will contribute to create a real impact and will enhance awareness of issues and advancements in the care sector.

Next Events & Workshops

17 April 2024: CARE4CARE European Meeting in Brussels

The objective of the CARE4CARE European intermediate stakeholder event to be held on the 17th April in Brussels is to discuss the findings of the National Reports and the Comparative and country-specific overviews, exchanging knowledge and best practices, and exploring future policy strategies and responses. The seminar will involve approximately 80 participants among representatives of the European Commission, employers and trade unions, civil society organisations, regional authorities and national permanent representations.

The agenda of the event is available here.


Past Events & Workshops

16th March 2023: CARE4CARE Kick-off meeting in Florence

The CARE4CARE consortium is delighted to announce that the kick-off meeting of the project will take place in the Lecture Hall in Piazza San Marco Florence, hosted by our project coordinators Università degli Studi di Firenze.