The Project

Objectives and Activities

CARE4CARE investigates the working conditions of care workers, their perceptions of their working environment and dynamics of exclusion in seven EU Member States (France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden). Through a comparative and multidisciplinary perspective, CARE4CARE aims at developing suitable tools to improve job quality, contrast discrimination and promote social inclusion.

The goals of the Consortium are:

1. Create a model of analysis and regulation

Firstly, to create a model of analysis and regulation of the care sector that can be replicated in other European countries and can bring out new relevant strategies for institutional intervention;

2. Give voice to care workers and their representatives

Secondly, to give voice to care workers and their representatives in the design and delivery of policies and measures that have an impact on their lives;

3. Set up a web platform

Thirdly, to set up a web platform providing accessible information on working conditions to improve the right’s awareness of care givers.

To meet these destinations CARE4CARE will:

Examine job quality and inclusive working conditions of care workers in the public and private care sector, in order to provide comprehensive data collection and innovative socio-legal research on the field in national, comparative and EU/international contexts. Thanks to these data, the patterns of discrimination will be mapped, particularly focusing on the intersectionality between gender and migratory status. Coherently with this, the project will assess care worker’s well-being and health. After having identified the measure needed to improve the working conditions and reduce inequalities in the care sector, the CARE4CARE policy paper will be defined: the document will propose substantial and concrete measures to tackle country-specific issues, while keeping the view of a common regulation in the sector.  In addition to this, the project will work on the design and the delivering of training programmes to empower trade unions’ reps, family associations’ and employers in the sector reps with knowledge and skills on effective strategies to recognize vulnerabilities of care workers and to improve job quality. Eventually, the CARE4CARE web platform will be launched: its goal will be enhancing awareness by helping care workers and stakeholders to receive sector-specific, concise and easily accessible information about rights, administrative and legal procedures. All the phases of the CARE4CARE project will be supported

work package 1


work package 2

Job Quality and Inclusive Working Conditions

work package 3

Discrimination Map

work package 4

Care Workers’ Well-Being and Rights’ Awareness

work package 5

Policy Proposals

work package 6

Training Design and Delivery

work package 7

C4C Web Platform

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Dissemination, Engagement and Communications

Sister Projects

Together with CARE4CARE, these two Project have been funded under topic HORIZON-CL2-2022-TRANSFORMATIONS-01-06 “Overcoming discrimination for an inclusive labour market” of the Horizon Europe Programme.

We work at same pace with the common goal of creating a more inclusive European labour market for vulnerable groups and counteracting discrimination.


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