European Federation for Services to Individuals

EFSI, Belgium

Established in 2006, EFSI is a membership-based organisation whose mission is to shape a more favourable environment for PHS industry in Europe, especially by improving the image and perception of PHS sector and promoting adequate policies in support of its development.
EFSI represents national associations, employers’ organisations, personal and household services’ providers and companies involved in the development of such services, and currently operating in 21 EU Member States. EFSI is contributing, like EFFE, to the debate promoted by the European institutions to tackle undeclared work in the PHS sector. EFSI also has a strong experience in European projects that are strategic for CARE4CARE. Hence, EFSI offers unique access to and engagement with European policymakers and stakeholders.
For all these reasons, EFSI will offer its precious contribution in the carrying out of the activities in several Work Packages (WPs 2,3,4,5,6).

Team Members

Aurélie Decker

Partner Coordinator / EFSI’s Director

Alessia Capuano

Junior Policy Officer