Universidad de Girona

UdG, Spain

The Unit of Research of UdG is characterized by a strong expertise in social law, non-discrimination and migration law, and its members have especially dealt with migrant domestic workers. In addition to this, the Unit is complemented by the mastery in statistical methodology offered by two of its members. Besides, the wide experience in European research projects makes UdG a key partner for the success of the project as a whole.
The composition of the Unit is distinctly interdisciplinary. Dr. Ferran Camas Roda (Professor of Labour and Social Security Law; Director of the Chair of Immigration, Rights and Citizenship) is an expert in the fields of social law, labour law, non-discrimination and migration law. Dr. Dolors Juvinyà Canal (Professor of Nursing Studies; Director of the Chair of Health Promotion) has directed and participated in the implementation of research contracts with public and private entities related to the Horizon Europe projects dealing with care work, health inequalities and social exclusion. Dr. Marc Sáez Zafra (Professor of Statistics and Econometrics) and Dr. Maria Antònia Barceló Rado (Professor of Statistics and Econometrics) offer a precious contribution in both applied and methodological research, and during their careers have focused on combatting global health problems such as social and environmental inequalities.
The Diputació de Barcelona (County Council of Barcelona) is a public entity that has competences of support and assistance to the City Councils of the territory of Barcelona. Among other things, it is responsible for managing care services in Barcelona. The Council is carrying out the initiative “The project towards a new public system of care in the community”: within this framework, it wishes to create spaces for innovation in the provision of social care services in the home. This is why the Council is very interested in knowing and putting into practice the results of the project carried out, especially Work Packages 2, 3 and 4.
In the CARE4CARE project UDG will be the leading force of Work Package 3, which focuses on the maping of discrimination for gender and migratory status reasons in the care sector: this goal that will be meet thanks to the use of a comparative approach and the dialogue with equality bodies at the national and EU level. The Team will also take part in the carrying out of many other Work Packages (WPs 2,4,5,6,7,8).

Team Members

Ferran Camas Roda

Partner Coordinator

Maria Antonia Barceló Rado


Dolors Juvinyà Canal


Andrea Cano Redondo


Anna Maria Molina Garcia


Marc Sáez Zafra


Adriana Grosu

Administrative Office