The CARE4CARE Newsletter is back with its second edition, marking continued progress in our mission to transform the care sector. Our partners have been quite busy these days, actively driving both research initiatives and impactful networking and dissemination efforts.

This time, the Newsletter brings you closer to our project’s heartbeat! Delve into exclusive interviews with two new partners: Prof. Camas Roda, Coordinator for the University of Girona, and Aude Bousseil, Coordinator for EFFE. Get acquainted with our new researcher, Dr. Andrea Cano.

Follow the University of Florence team mission to Brussels in June and stay updated on our latest events and publications, focusing on the dynamic landscape of the home care sector. As we strive to enhance the working conditions of care workers and combat sector discrimination, this newsletter remains a crucial part of our communication strategy (Work Package 8). It serves as a window into our journey, keeping stakeholders abreast of our achievements and future plans.

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