On 19 December 2023, the University of Girona’s research group successfully organised its inaugural conference on the care and assistance sector. The event featured renowned guest speakers, including Professor Silvia Borelli, who presented her insightful book “Who Cares? Il Lavoro nell’ambito dei Servizi di Cura della Persona.” Additionally, researcher Julia Montserrat shared valuable insights into living and working conditions in residences for the elderly or people with disabilities, enriching the discourse on these crucial aspects.

This significant day also marked the initiation of a pivotal engagement with social entities, foundations, and associations operating in the care sector within the province of Girona. These organisations constitute vital stakeholders in the CARE4CARE project within the Girona territory. The meeting between the research team and these entities served as an introductory connection, presenting the project to the civil society of Girona while fostering an understanding of the activities and interests of these influential entities dedicated to the care sector.

Following this impactful event, the project has outlined plans for three additional conferences or seminars slated for the first half of 2023. Of particular note is a forthcoming meeting with stakeholders from Catalonia and other regions of Spain, generously sponsored by the Barcelona Provincial Council. This public entity has already shown its interest in knowing the results of the poject as well as those obtained by our team at the University of Girona.