The first edition of the CARE4CARE Newsletter has been sent out, marking an important milestone for the Horizon Europe-funded project aimed at improving the working conditions of the care workforce in Europe. The newsletter includes a variety of engaging and informative content, such as pictures and a press release from the Kick-Off Meeting that took place on 16-17 March, an interview with the Principal Investigator, Professor Maria Luisa Vallauri, who is also a professor of Labour Law at the University of Florence, as well as updates on upcoming events and opportunities with the Horizon Europe programme.

The CARE4CARE project is focused on addressing the challenges faced by the care workforce, who are often underpaid and undervalued despite their crucial role in providing care to Europe’s aging population. By improving working conditions and combating discrimination of the sector, the project aims to not only improve the lives of care workers but also ensure the provision of high-quality care for those in need.

The first edition of the CARE4CARE Newsletter is an important communication tool for the project, as part of the Work Package 8, and its aim is to provide updates and insights into the progress made so far and future plans. The newsletter is an opportunity for stakeholders to stay informed and engaged with the project, and to join in the effort to improve the care sector in Europe. As the project moves forward, the newsletter will continue to be an essential source of information, keeping stakeholders up to date with the latest developments in the care workforce and the Horizon Europe programme.

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