The recent webinar titled “The elderly, between welfare and work. Interdisciplinary dialogue from the Delegated Law 33/2023” (Italian: “Le persone anziane tra welfare e lavoro. Dialogo interdisciplinare a partire dalla legge delega 33/2023“) brought together experts from various fields to discuss the implications of Delegated Law 33/2023 and its impact on older individuals. Organised by the prestigious journal Giornale di diritto del lavoro e di relazioni industriali in collaboration with the University of Molise, this webinar was part of the FAMI 2014-2020 research project “Attention… to work” (in Italian: Attenzione… al lavoro).

The virtual event gathered participation from labour lawyers, demographers, and psychologists, fostering a multidisciplinary dialogue on the subject. The primary focus of the discussion was to conduct an initial review of Law 33/2023, which delegates the Italian government to revise national policies in support of the elderly.

One of the key highlights of the webinar was Professor William Chiaromonte‘s presentation of the CARE4CARE project. Prof. Chiaromonte provided valuable insights into the project’s structure and main objectives. The CARE4CARE project aims to closely monitor the forthcoming legislative changes, ensuring that it remains aligned with the evolving landscape of policies impacting the elderly.

The webinar served as a platform for robust discussions and knowledge exchange among experts from different domains. By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, this webinar has contributed to a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the elderly and how national policies can be reimagined to better support their needs. The insights gained from this event will play a crucial role in shaping the ongoing discourse and future developments in the realm of elderly care in Italy.

Overall, the webinar successfully brought together diverse perspectives, laying the groundwork for further research, policy formulation, and initiatives that prioritise the well-being of the elderly.

The webinar is freely available on YouTube.